iFinancial Singapore is a 3rd party and neutral Platform to help You have the freedom to choose Insurance RNF professionals, anytime anywhere.

Whether it is a new purchase, or to replace a terrible Servicing professionals, we believe that you deserve better Service, Knowledge, and Advice!

We save time, energy and money for both the public and the professionals

Life Insurance Forms are here for your Convenience!

How does iFinancial help me as a Singapore Consumer?

  1. Computer programs cannot understand me as a Person.
  2. Product comparisons are sometimes not exactly apple-to-apple comparisons.
  3. I want to verify that what I own, is really what I think it is.
  4. I want to talk about Insurance matters but I'm really too busy for an appointment.
  5. I want to able contact the professionals totally at my convenience.
  6. I am worried that the initial face-to-face appointment that may be awkward if I eventually don't buy anything.
  7. I want to have more choices of Insurance RNF professionals outside of my social circle.
  8. My old Financial Consultant has left, and I want to choose another one I am comfortable with, not assigned to me.

How does iFinancial help me as a Insurance RNF professional?

  1. I want to stay relevant by harnessing technology, because technology will be used to replace people who don't use it.
  2. I believe that human advice is still necessary for complex matters.
  3. I cannot keep meeting every person for a face-to-face appointment for 1 hour regardless of how little information the person needs.
  4. I want to qualify my face-to-face appointments, to make sure I physically meet someone who requires me to do something for him/her now.
  5. I want a platform beyond Facebook and LinkedIn for Singaporeans to see my profile and contact me, because my social media circle is limited by connections.
  6. I prefer people to ask me Insurance questions early, so that I have more than enough time to do extensive research and provide an even more comprehensive strategy.

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